Degree in Biblical Studies & Associated Studies

Biblical Studies Chair – Dr. Ronald T. Meeks

Discover a world-class education in an attentive, intimate setting at Blue Mountain College. To provide students with the best possible learning experience, our Biblical Studies department features top-quality instructors—the majority of which hold Ph.Ds. The Biblical Studies department offers two curriculums: The Biblical Studies degree program and the Christian Ministry degree program.

The mission of our Biblical Studies degree program is to:

  • Encourage students to acquaint themselves with standard and reliable information in the biblical disciplines studied
  • Encourage students to equip themselves with the evaluation and relational skills necessary for an effective Christian experience
  • Prepare students to navigate the modern world by building a strong foundation of biblical world view and a substantial degree of spiritual maturity
  • Prepare students for further training at the graduate level
  • Help students move into responsible church-related positions and/or usefulness and effectiveness as Christian servant leaders

The mission of our Christian Ministry degree program is to:

Prepare students for practical service in a variety of Christian ministry contexts
Prepare students academically for graduate theological studies

With excellent instructors, intimate classroom settings, and a focus on exploration rather than rigid indoctrination, you will find that BMC is a wonderful place to pursue your degree in biblical studies. If you have any questions or would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us.