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Academic Policies

Blue Mountain College and its faculty are dedicated to providing students with a thorough background in the liberal arts, as well as academic and professional skills which will help them become productive members of society. To accomplish this task, the recognition of mutual rights and responsibilities of faculty and students to each other is essential in the activities of the higher education community.

The following academic polices and procedures, established by The Blue Mountain College Board of Trustees, govern the operations of Academic Affairs at the College.

  Academic Policies

Policy # Resource Link
2.01 Academic Organization View  
2.02 The College Catalog and the Student Handbook View  
2.03 Admissions View  
  Admissions Procedures View  
2.04 Registration View  
2.05 Earning Non-Traditional Undergraduate Credit View  
  Earning Non-Traditional Undergraduate Credit Procedures View  
2.06 Transfer Credit View  
2.07 Classification of Students View  
2.08 Core Curriculum (General Education Program) View  
2.09 Academic Load View  
2.10 Class Attendance View  
  Class Attendance Procedures View  
2.11 Auditing Courses View  
2.12 Time Requirements Credit for Semester Hour Credit View  
2.13 Change of Class Schedule View  
  Change of Class Procedures View  
2.14 Withdrawal from the College View  
2.15 Grading View  
  Grading Procedures View  
2.16 Requirements for Graduation View  
  Requirements for Graduation Procedures View  
2.17 Honorary Degrees View  
2.18 Academic Standards View  
2.19 Academic Honesty and Integrity View  
  Academic Honesty and Integrity Procedures View  
2.2 Textbooks View  
  Textbooks Procedures View  
2.21 The Library View  
  Library Procedures View  
2.22 Acceptable Computer Use View  
  Acceptable Computer Use Procedures View  
2.23 Chapel Requirements View  
  Chapel Requirements Procedures View  
2.24 Copyright View  
  Copyright Procedures View  
2.25 Counseling and Career Services View  
2.26 International Study View  
  International Study Procedures View  
  International Study Form 1 View  
  International Study Form 2 View  
2.27 Research View  
  Research Procedures View  
2.28 Internships View  
2.29 Distance Education View  
  Distance Education Procedures View  
2.3 Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Eligibility View  
  Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Eligibility Procedures View  
2.31 Curriculum and Program Approval and Program Closure View  
  Curriculum and Program Approval and Program Closure Procedures View  
2.32 Student Scholarships View  
  Student Scholarships Guidelines View  
  Student Scholarships Procedures View  
2.33 Non-Academic Credit View  
2.34 Dead Week and Final Examinations View  
2.35 Collaborative Academic Arrangements View  
  Collaborative Academic Arrangements Procedures View  
2.36 Substantive Change View  
2.37 Accommodating Students with Disabilities View  
2.38 Civil Classroom Behavior View  
  Civil Classroom Behavior Procedures View  
2.39 Academic Bankruptcy View  
2.41 Continuity of Operations Plan View  
2.42 Accuracy of Student Records View  

Blue Mountain College expects each student to become an active citizen of our college community. This community is based upon individual honor and the trustworthiness of every student. The College and her students work together to promote both an increasing intellectual maturity and continuous growth in personal responsibility, social maturity, respect for the dignity and rights of others, and a responsible respect for the moral and spiritual values that characterize Blue Mountain College.

The following student polices, established by the Blue Mountain College Board of Trustees, govern the operations of Student Affairs at the College.

  Student Policies

Policy # Resource Link
4.01 Continued Association with College View  
4.02 Confidentiality of Student Records and Information View  
4.03  Student Loans Higher Education Act View  
4.04 Requirements for Representing the College or Student Body View  
4.05 Traffic Regulations View  
4.06 Identification Cards View  
  Identification Cards Procedures View  
4.07 Social Functions View  
4.08 Establishment and Management of Student Organizations View  
4.09 Campus Sales / Fund-raisers View  
4.10 Student Health Services View  
4.11 Student Food Services View  
4.12 Crime Awareness, Campus Security, and Civil Actions View  
4.13 Student Conduct and Judiciary View  
4.14 Residential Life and Campus Housing Requirements View  
4.15 Student Complaints View  
  Student Complaints PROCEDURES View  
  Student Complaints Form View  
4.16 Pets in Residence Halls View  
4.17 Students with Disabilities View  
4.18 Responsibility for Personal Property View  
4.19 Inappropriate Phone Calls View  
4.20 Threats or Harm to Self or Others View  
4.21 Student Organization Accounts View  
4.22 Drug-Free, Alcohol-Free and Tobacco-Free Environment View  

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