What will happen if there is a confirmed Covid-19 case on campus?

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) prevention protocols will be followed in the event of confirmed cases of COVID-19 on campus.

For daily reports regarding Mississippi Covid-19 cases, visit the Mississippi State Department of Health.  


What is the plan for returning to campus for the Fall 2020?

See Blue Mountain College’s Continuity Plan.


Are there any travel restrictions?

BMC has restricted all College-related travel to essential travel only with approval by College leadership.  International Students must contact Lynn Gibson, Vice President for Enrollment Services, before traveling.


Is Blue Mountain College open to visitors?

Visitors – other than those who have made an appointment to visit the campus through the Office of Admissions – must come by the Business Office located on the first floor in the Administration Building prior to access to campus facilities.  Visitors will receive guidelines for access to the BMC campus.


Are tours available for prospective students?

Prospective students are encouraged to contact John Baker in the Office of Admissions to schedule a campus tour.  A virtual tour is also available on the College’s webpage.


Is the Wellness Center open?

No.  The Wellness Center is closed until further notice.


What is the status of campus/sporting events?

Contact the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for more information about fall sports.  Or, you may visit BMC’s sports website.


What do I do if I feel sick?

If students feel sick while at home, they need to seek medical attention immediately.  If students are on campus, they must contact their resident director or Philip Ritchey, Dean of Students, immediately.


I am struggling with emotional, financial, or spiritual issues.  Is there someone I can speak with?

Call the BMC Campus Help Line at 662-685-4771 (Ext. 144) and describe your need.


I am struggling with academic issues.  Is there someone I can speak with?

Students who are experiencing academic issues should email the Office of Student Success and Career Services or call 662-685-4771 (Ext. 172).  Students may also contact their academic advisor or utilize the services of the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)


I’m having trouble accessing my online classes.  Is there someone I can call for help?

Student who are experiencing technical issues should email BMC’s IT Helpdesk or call 662-685-4771 (Ext. 102 or 100).


If I need access to a computer or to the Internet, what should do I do?

Students who are experiencing technical issues should email BMC’s IT Helpdesk or call 662-685-4771 (Ext. 102 or 100).


Can I still access library materials?

Online materials are available through the Guyton Library. 


How will I complete my student internship?

Students should contact their supervising professor for details regarding internships.


Will there be a commencement service?

A Conferring of Degrees ceremony was conducted in May, 2020.  A 2020 Commencement will be held on the BMC campus on Saturday, August 15.  More details regarding this event will be published at a later date.


How do I get my mail?

The Campus Store’s mail services will notify students of any mail or packages received and how they may be obtained.


Currrent as of June 30, 2020