2021 Winter Session


All classes are taught online.
Final exams for Winter Intersession will be administered to BMC students on campus Monday, January 10, 2022. Students will be notified of the time and place.*







Course # Credit Course Title Instructor
BU 362-OBP 3 Management Info. Systems Price
BY 184-O 3 General Biology Lytal
BY 184L-O 1 General Biology Laboratory Lytal
BY 189-O 3 General Biology II for Majors Lytal
BY 189L-O 1 General Biology Lab II for Majors Lytal
ED 340-O 3 Classroom Assessment Varner
ED 400/401-O 3 Theories of Learning/Praxis PLT Preparation Bowen
ED 424-O 3 Classroom/Behavior Mgmt. Varner
EN 200-O 3 Introduction to Literature Crews
EN 211-O 3 Survey of British Literature II Galliher
EN 329-O 3 Writing for the Professions Switzer
HI 210-O 3 Early U.S. History Tacoma
PY 470-O 3 Seminar in Psychology Derrick
RL 100-O 3 Old Testament I Magers
SO 331-O 3 Marriage & Family Derrick
SO 448-O 3 Addictions Derrick

*Non-BMC students may take their final exams through Proctorio online. Please contact your instructor for guidance in setting up the proctored exam.

BMC Students
$76 (per hour)
$20 (online fee per course)
Cost Material Fees

Non BMC Students
$480 (per hour)
$20 (online fee per course)
Cost Material Fees

Business Office Payment Deadline: December 13, 2021
Payment is due on or before the first day of class.

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