Program: Biology

Immerse yourself in the study of life itself with options to specialize

B.S., Minor

The Biology major has three tracks: Track A - Biology, Track B - Biology and Medical Technology; and Track C - Pre-Physical Therapy. Students on Track A select one of the following emphases: Medical Sciences, Pre-Pharmacy, or Wildlife Biology. A degree in Biology provides you with a pre-professional foundation in dentistry, medicine, medical technology, optometry, pharmacy, nursing, occupational therapy and physical therapy. A minor in Biology requires 24 semester hours of coursework.

Curriculum: B.S., Minor (24 hours)

Dr. Mitzi Dunagan, Assistant Professor of Biology
B.S., Cumberland University
M.S., Vanderbilt University
Ph.D., University of Tennessee

  Mrs. Lydia Lytal,, Instructor of Biology
B.S.Ed., M.Ed., Blue Mountain College
  Dr. Johnny L. Mattox, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Chair of the Department of Mathematics & Natural Sciences & Professor of Biology
A.A., Northeast Mississippi  Community College
B.A.E., M.C.S., Ph.D., University of Mississippi