Program: HISTORY

Understand society through
the lens of the historian.

B.A., B.S., Minor

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees with a major in History expose students to the contributions of world civilization and United States history to modern society and the development of the democratic experience, the fundamentals of government, the nature and function of capitalism, the complexities of society, and man’s relationship to his environment. A minor in History requires 18 semester hours of coursework.


Curriculum: B.A.
Faculty: Dr. Stewart Bennett, Chair of the Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences
& Professor of History
B.S., Grace College
M.A., Youngstown State University
Ph.D., University of Maine
  Dr. Thomas Tacoma, Assistant Professor of Political Science and History
B.A., Hillsdale College
M.A. (History), Baylor University
M.A. (Political Science), Hillsdale College
Ph.D., Hillsdale College